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      Acoustic Baffles For Soundproofing Gym

      Product name: Acoustic baffles Material: Fabric+fiberglass Size: 1200*600mm Thickness: 50mm Color: Customized Surface: Fabric or leather Feature: Sound-absorbing, reduce sound wave and improve acoustic environment Application: Auditorium, gym, concert hall, etc. MOQ: 100m2

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      Acoustic Baffles For Soundproofing Gym

      Acoustic Baffles' acoustic principle:

      Compared with the interior surface sound absorbing material under same projected area, the acoustic baffle has higher sound absorption efficiency. It is because of the acoustic baffle has the greater effective absorption area (include the upper top, lower bottom and four sides);

      In addition, the sound waves are reflected repeatedly between the acoustic baffle top surface and the top of the building, has been absorbed many times to increase the sound absorption and improve the sound absorption efficiency. 

      Generally, the importance of sound absorption efficiency is the most significant in medium and high frequency.


      Acoustic baffles features: 

      Broadband stereo sound absorption, eliminate small space tremor echo, reduce sound wave and improve acoustic environment.

      Widely used in radio stations, television stations, studios, schools, gymnasiums, theaters, libraries, halls, multi-funcctional rooms, conference rooms and concert halls, etc.

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