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      Feb 21, 2020

      Called the interface editor polyester fiber sound-absorbing board polyester fiber sound-absorbing board, is a kind of polyester fiber as raw materials via hot pressing molding made of noise reduction with the function of sound-absorbing material can create a quiet living space construction simple, can pass the woodworking machinery, transform a variety of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board shape can meet the requirements of different sound-absorbing and sound effect, in domestic acoustic insulation and acoustic engineering application is very extensive, receive many domestic reputation at the affirmation and praise, and deeply trust and selection of mechanical designers acoustics designers from all walks of life, become the domestic most of the architectural acoustics industrial noise of the city Product noise reduction and other engineering materials preferred [1]

      Polyester fiber made by hot pressing with cotton cocoon shape high technology, realize the density diversity to ensure ventilation, become outstanding in the sound absorption and insulation material products, in 125 ~ 4000 hz noise within the scope of the highest sound absorption coefficient is 0.9 above, according to different needs to adjust reverberation time, remove the sound material, improve the effect of sound, to improve the sharpness of the product has the thermal insulation flame retardant light body language easy machining stability impact resistant characteristics such as simple maintenance, [1]

      Sound-absorbing properties of polyester fiber acoustic board and other porous sound-absorbing properties similar to the sound absorption coefficient increases with the increase of frequency, high frequency of sound absorption coefficient is very big, the back is left blank cavity and use it in the composition of space is sound-absorbing body can greatly improve the sound-absorbing performance of noise reduction coefficient of material is roughly around 0.8 ~ 1.10, become a wide-band efficient sound-absorbing body physical and mechanical properties of polyester fiber sound-absorbing board with sound-absorbing insulation thermal insulation properties, and the material of the plate uniform solid, elastic resilience wear-resisting shock resistance to tear is not easy to cut large (9, 1220, 2440) [2] Product variety polyester fiber sound-absorbing board has more than 40 kinds of color, can be assembled into a variety of patterns of surface shape flat square (Mosaic) wide strip sheet can be bent

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