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      Feb 19, 2020
      A brief introduction to the sound absorption soft bag
      The editor
      Many KTV, recording studio, bowling alley, cinema, gymnasium, conference room and other fields are widely used. Is a kind of both decorative and acoustic role of the sound absorption material!

      Sound absorbing soft bag material
      96kg high density class A flame retardant microporous fiber sound-absorbing cotton board. [1]

      Characteristics of sound absorption soft bag
      Special points: it has the sound absorption spectrum width, the sound absorption coefficient is high, has the better sound absorption effect to the low, medium and high frequency noise. And at the same time is difficult to burn, fire, beautiful, elastic, no dust pollution, decorative strong, simple construction and other characteristics.

      Classification of sound absorption soft bag
      Sound-absorbing soft bag can be divided into: cloth art sound-absorbing soft bag (also known as cloth art sound-absorbing plate), non-woven sound-absorbing soft bag, fire sound-absorbing soft bag and leather sound-absorbing soft bag!
      The sound absorption soft bag can be divided into: right Angle sound absorption soft bag, chamfer sound absorption soft bag, large bevel sound absorption soft bag

      Specification of sound absorption soft bag
      Since the main function of sound absorption soft bag is sound absorption, there are certain requirements on the specification:
      Common specifications -- 1200X600X25mm, 1200X600X50mm, 600X600X25mm, 600X600X50mm, 1200X1200X25mm, 1200X1200X50mm

      Soft package applicable scope
      Suitable for all kinds of high and intermediate decoration places that need to do sound quality design: cinema, conference room, recording studio, studio, multi-function hall, auditorium, nightclub, etc.
      Soft pack installation method
      The editor
      (1) [1] first lay 300x300 keel with spacing on the wall (as shown in figure 1)
      Keel installation method: glue the sound-absorbing soft bag together with the wall, dragon skeleton and other soft bag objects that need to be installed to absorb sound. The soft bag is fixed with upper body nails on the sides around the soft bag.
      (2) brush the keel with all-purpose glue or white latex (as shown in figure 2)
      (3) glue the soft package to the sides around the keel and reinforce with shooting nails (as shown in figure 3)
      (4) soft bags should not be squeezed between soft bags to prevent wrinkles on the surface cloth (as shown in figure 4)