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      Acoustic Panel For Sound Inlation

      Feb 13, 2020

      Main features of sound insulation board: to ensure the sound absorption, sound insulation effect of the premise, its characteristics are simple production, installation
      1. Large sound insulation volume: the average sound insulation volume is 30dB. (conditional sound-absorbing cotton 48K, thickness 95 × height 500 × length 1000-3000)
      2, weather durability: the product has water resistance, heat resistance, uv resistance, will not be caused by the temperature change of rain performance or abnormal quality. The product noise barrier adopts endurance plate, galvanized endurance plate, glass wool, H steel column surface galvanized anticorrosive life of more than 15 years.
      3, sound insulation board beautiful: can choose a variety of colors and modeling combination, and the surrounding environment to coordinate, forming a beautiful landscape.
      4, sound insulation board economy: assembly construction, improve work efficiency, shorten the construction time, can save construction costs and labor costs.
      5, sound insulation board convenient: parallel installation with other products, easy maintenance, easy to update.
      6, sound insulation board security: acoustic board adopts Φ 6.2 wire connection on both ends fixed and prevent secondary injury, personnel and property loss.
      7, light sound insulation board: sound absorption board series products have the characteristics of light weight, the quality of square meters is less than 20 kg, can reduce the overhead light rail, elevated road bearing load, can reduce the structural cost.
      8, sound insulation board fire protection: the use of ultra-fine glass cotton, due to its high melting point, not flammable, fully meet the requirements of environmental protection and fire protection code, fire protection up to class A.
      9. High strength: considering the different climatic conditions in different regions of China, the wind load should be fully considered in the structural design. 1.0-1.6mm galvanized sheet is adopted, and the grooves are pressed through the numerical control equipment to increase the strength, so that the product can resist 10-12 class typhoon and the pressure is 300kg/m2.
      10, waterproof, dustproof: the louvet-type design fully consider waterproof, dustproof, its Angle is set as 450 degrees, in the dust or rain environment, its sound-absorption is not affected, the structure has been set in the dust drainage measures to avoid internal water.
      11, sound insulation board durability: the product design has fully considered the road wind load, traffic vehicles hit the safety of the open air anti-corrosion climate. The product adopts aluminum alloy endurance plate, galvanized endurance plate, glass wool, H steel vertical column surface galvanized treatment. The company guarantees that the products will not be corroded, deformed, sound-absorbing and sound-isolating within 15 years.

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