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      3.Space sound-absorbing body working principle is introduced

      Space sound-absorbing body compared with indoor surface absorption material, under the same projection area, space sound-absorbing body has more effective absorption area.

      In addition, because of the sound waves on the sound absorption of multiple reflections between top surface and the top of the building, which absorbed of many times, increase the absorption quantity, raise the efficiency of absorption, often in medium and high frequency sound absorption efficiency is most significant.

      Space sound-absorbing body of commonly used different frequencies of sound absorption performance of single absorption body effective absorption quantity. Space sound-absorbing body acoustic noise reduction space depends mainly on the effect of sound absorption body, hanging spacing and the number of material and structure, also related to the building sound field conditions. Such as the original interior surface absorption quantity very little, reflections, reverberation time is very long, the noise reduction effect of hanging space after the sound absorption body often is 5-8 decibels, hit 10-12db, Such as the original interior surface absorption amount is larger, the reverberation process is not obvious, sound-absorbing body are not hanging space.